dinsdag 21 september 2010

Breakfast, Brunch and Market Place !

This Sunday, we spend time with some friends before Kika and I joined Broes (another girlfriend of ours) to sell and make our labels known to the Antwerp community at the Felixpakhuis. Antwerp and many other major towns like Brussels, Ghent and Bruges organised a car-free Sunday too. So many people came to visit the Felixpakhuis by feet or bike, enjoying a massage for free, (vintage) stuff, our jewels, hats and diaper cakes ...even a Maori who displayed some wonderful art ... very inspiring. But before that, we enjoyed our bread, eggs and coffee (latte or cappu) and the company of 2 other girlfriends of ours (not shown in the pictures) ... We love our city and the many cultural events it organises ...

STEFAN & STEPHAN (aka IheartMrsMushi who is showing us the severe finger ; yeah dad !)


A couple of pictures of what Cirkus has to offer ...

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